Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day Four-Course Menu That Dad Will Absolutely LOVE

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there!

Let's celebrate this weekend with a fun and delicious four-course dinner menu that is a sure way to win your dad's heart ... and his stomach too!

I know my dad would love this dinner, especially the sea scallops and lobster parts. Who wouldn't, right?!? But I won't be spending Sunday with him because he lives on the other side of the ocean. So I should take this chance and say: Papa', if you are reading this ( ... you better be reading this!!) Happy Father's Day - Love you :)

Now, let's talk dinner, and start with these super tasty and easy to make bruschettePerfectly crispy, grilled bread slices topped with savory pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes and grilled zucchini, drizzled with garlic infused olive oil. All you need to make an amazing bruschetta are good quality, flavorful ingredients, and thick bread slices brushed with garlicky olive oil, grilled to perfection. Simply delicious!

Here is the recipe.
As "primo piatto" I suggest these linguine pasta made with crispy asparagus, delicate, and perfectly seared sea scallops mixed in a rich saffron creamy sauce. Light and healthy, flavorful and luxurious. You won't be disappointed.
Find the recipe here.  
Next, you will absolutely wow your father and make him feel as special as he really is with this fancy and scrumptious grilled lobster tail. Cooking lobster tails is fast and quite simple (make sure to read my suggestions in the recipe).
There's really nothing better than grilled lobster on a sunny summer day, with a fine glass of chilled white wine. Here is the recipe for you.

No meal is complete without dessert. Oh no! Not even a big, nutritious dinner like this one. Not even if you're getting through the second course and feel like your pants are getting snugger and snugger. I know you'll have room for this Italian lemon sgroppino. Irresistibly smooth, light and refreshing cocktail-slash-dessert. Ready in a few minutes, and made by blending lemon sorbet, chilled vodka and bubbly Prosecco.
The perfect and simple way to end a fantastic dinner!
Here is how you can make it.

Have an amazing weekend!


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