Manuela Mazzocco is a full-time blogger, recipe developer, photographer, and influencer. She is the creator and voice behind, where she shares her passion for food and photography and inspires others to try new dishes with her easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and video recipes.

Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Manuela's culinary journey began in the heart of her family's kitchen. With a deep-rooted appreciation for the freshest ingredients and time-honored techniques, she developed a love for creating dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the soul.

Manuela is a passionate ambassador of Italian cuisine with a voice that resonates through the digital culinary world. Her passion for sharing her culinary heritage led her to write and publish in April 2020 "The Complete Italian Cookbook," a comprehensive guide that captures the essence of Italian cuisine in all its richness and diversity. From classic pasta dishes to indulgent desserts, each recipe is infused with Manuela's personal touch and unwavering dedication to authenticity. 

Following the success of the first cookbook, in March 2024, she published "Manuela's Sweet Temptations," a collection of time-tested favorite desserts. The book unveils her most cherished dessert recipes, from classic Italian favorites to unique holiday delights, sweet breakfast pastries, and rich dolci al cucchiaio. 

With each page of her cookbooks, Manuela inspires, educates, and tantalizes the taste buds of aspiring home chefs, proving that the magic of Italian cooking lies not in fancy equipment or professional skills but in the simple joy of creating and sharing memorable meals with family and friends. 

With her enthusiasm and warm personality, Manuela has become a trusted voice in the culinary community. You can find her on Instagram (with over 400k followers), Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. She inspires home cooks around the globe to embrace the joys of Italian cooking and baking. Whether through her engaging blog, cookbooks, or vibrant social media presence, she continues to spread her love for good food and cherished traditions, one delicious recipe at a time.

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