Thursday, February 15, 2024

Easy-to-Make Apricot Crumble Bars

Bring a burst of summer sunshine to your table with these quick and easy, buttery crumble bars filled with sweet and juicy apricots

This post is written in collaboration with Canned Good Official. All opinions are mine alone!

Who says summer desserts are only for warm, sunny days?
I believe that the magic of a delicious fruity treats know no season.
That's why I'm excited to share this recipe that allows you to savor the sweet taste of summer all year long, using a pantry staple – canned apricots. These apricot crumble bars are a perfect blend of fruity goodness and buttery crumbly perfection, offering a slice of summertime bliss in every bite.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Over 20 of the Best Valentine's Day Dessert Easy Recipes

Here is a collection of easy, quick and delicious Valentine's Day Recipes to show your special someone how sweet (s)he really is!
Made with LOVE!

Valentine's Day is coming up in a few days. Have you figured out your plans and how you will impress the special people in your life?

If you ask me, nothing says love like simple but thoughtful gestures. Like a warm breakfast in bed, a cozy and scrumptious candle-light dinner, or a delicious dessert made with love to share together. 
So if you need some inspiration, here are simple-to-make, cute recipes that will surely impress your Valentine.

And remember the secret ingredient is always LOVE!

Saturday, February 10, 2024

How to Make Heart-Shaped Churros

Impress your special someone with these heart-shaped churros.
 Crispy and golden on the outside. Tender and soft on the inside. And dangerously coated in cinnamon sugar!

As Valentine's Day approaches, there's no better time to treat your sweetheart (and YOUR taste buds!) with these cupid-inspired churros!

Picture this: golden-brown, crispy delights coated in cinnamon sugar, that not only captivate your senses but also steal your heart with every irresistible bite.

And the best part? Serve them with melted chocolate for an extra layer of indulgence that will make your taste buds swoon.

Lick-your-sugary-finger delicious, I'm telling you!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

How To Make the Best Classic Italian Tiramisu'

Traditional recipe for the most iconic and irresistible Italian dessert.
This tiramisu, with its layers of rich and silky mascarpone cream and espresso-soaked savoiardi cookies will make you beg for more!

Brace yourself for some drooling! 
Here is my recipe (and the only one you'll ever want to try!) for the best, and most famous, Italian dessert. 

If you don't know, in Italian, "tiramisu" means "pick me up," which is exactly what this heavenly dessert will do. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Easy Soft and Moist Pear and Apple Yogurt Cake

 Soft and moist yogurt cake with apple and pear slices. 
An easy-to-make and delicious breakfast - made with love

As Valentine's Day approaches, the air is filled with the sweet scent of romance, and what better way to start the day than with a delightful homemade treat to accompany a steamy-hot cup of espresso?

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Almond Crumble Bars with Fruit Jam - Gluten-Free (Sbriciolata di Mandorle)

    Bring a taste of summer to your breakfast table with these almond and oath crumble bars packed with sweet fruit preserve and a touch of lemon flavor. Made with almond flour, so naturally gluten-free!

    Indulge in a delightful and effortless treat that brings the essence of summer to your breakfast table – almond shortbread and oat crumble bars filled with luscious fruit preserve and a hint of lemon flavor. This recipe, known as "sbriciolata di mandorle con marmellata," features a perfect balance of fruity sweetness and buttery goodness.

    Thursday, January 11, 2024

    Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Ricotta and Spinach

    Make it a brunch to remember with these scrumptious baked eggs in ricotta, spinach, and tomato sauce.
    Don't forget to grab a thick slice of grilled crusty bread to soak it all up. Easy and delicious!

    • Starting the New Year with a new recipe for a brunch to remember: scrumptious baked eggs in ricotta, spinach and tomato sauce, served with a thick slice of grilled crusty bread to soak up all the deliciousness of the runny yolks and sauce. 

    Monday, January 8, 2024

    Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

    Perfectly dense and moist cream cheese pound cake exploding with chocolate chips. A few simple ingredients to make a delicious treat!

    Imagine waking up to the aroma of a moist and flavorful pound cake, studded with chocolate chips and enriched with the goodness of cream cheese. This recipe is not just about indulgence; it's about bringing a touch of homemade goodness to your breakfast table.

    Thursday, December 28, 2023

    How to Make the Best Crème Anglaise Sauce (Crema Inglese)

    With its creamy, velvety texture and enchanting vanilla flavor, creme anglaise (English cream or crema inglese) is the perfect addition to elevate any simple dessert

    Today, I'm thrilled to share a classic and versatile great recipe that's a must-have in every home cook's repertoire - Creme Anglaise. 
    Together with crema pasticcera (crème pâtissière or Italian pastry cream) is one of my favorite dessert sauce that takes any simple dessert to the next luxious and mouth-watering level.