Monday, March 23, 2020

The Complete Italian Cookbook - Essential Regional Cooking of Italy

 Here is my very first Cookbook!

I’m beyond excited to finally share this news with you. After a lot of hard work for the past several months, here it is: MY VERY FIRST COOKBOOK ❤️ 
The Complete Italian Cookbook: Essential Regional Cooking of Italy is all about the most popular (and my favorite) traditional recipes from various regions of Italy. It includes 110 recipes, for appetizers and drinks, risotto and pasta, pizza and bread, meat and fish, and of course, desserts.
It’s been a dream of mine since I started my blog to have a special place where I could store and share my recipes. And it’s finally ready and coming out on April 28!! You can pre-order it now here
Over the coming weeks, you’ll hear a lot more about it. I’ll be sharing recipes so you can get excited right along with me. Stay tuned 😘🤗