Friday, July 17, 2020

LIVE on IG with Smith Devereux Winery

I'm so excited to share this post with you today. I've teamed up with Smith Devereux Winery in Napa Valley to offer you something special. 
First of all, I will be going LIVE on Instagram with Ian Devereux, founder and vintner, on Saturday August 1st at 4:30pm PST for a fun cooking and wine tasting show. We'll be making dinner together while sipping and chatting. I can't wait to learn more about wine tasting, food pairings and his amazing sustainable-farmed and hand-crafted bottles.
You will be able to ask questions during the show, and make dinner along with us if you like. More information to follow, so stay tuned! 
Second of all, take a look at this! 
You can now find my book, The Complete Italian Cookbook,  together with two of Smith Devereux bottles, in one bundle, right HERE on their website!
The SB White Blend is a refreshing and summery wine with notes of citrus and tropical fruit. The No. 3 California Red Blend is a spicy and powerful wine, with bold and earthy flavors. 
So, no matter what your taste is, both of these are easy-to-pair and incredibly easy-to-enjoy wines with an affordable price tag. 
If you ask me, these wines are all about summer, dining al fresco while sharing a scrumptious meal and glass with family and friends... or all by yourself - no judging here ;)

Read more about Smith Deveneux limited-production wines here.
And make sure to order this set by July 19th if you'd like to cook and sip-along with us during the LIVE event. Mark your calendar: AUGUST 1st, 4:30pm PST.

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