Saturday, February 19, 2022

Savory Caprese-Style French Toasts


Treat yourself with a thick and super-soft slice (or two!) of these savory French toasts topped with avocado, fresh tomatoes, scrumptious burrata and a drizzle of pesto sauce

Here is my Italian savory spin to the classic French toasts. 

These hearty and nutritious toasts are a sure way to kick-start your weekend and make any brunch special.

Are you a sweet or a savory breakfast person?!?

I do love sweet breakfast but (there's always a BUT!), I'm always happy to make an exception, especially when we are talking about these amazing savory French toasts. 

These toasts are topped with slices of fresh tomatoes, avocados, and (my favorite!!) creamy and delicate burrata (you can substitute with fresh mozzarella or crumbled feta cheese too!).

Drizzle with some freshly made pesto sauce and you're in for a treat!

Looks delicious, right?!?

These capers-style French toasts (... maybe I should call them Italian Toasts!) are so quick to make that are perfect not just for weekend brunch but any weekday breakfast or lunch. 

I say, there's no need to wait for the weekend, when something tastes this good.

Here are a few suggestions to cook the best French toasts.

Make sure to cut the bread in thick slices - at least one inch in thickness. And make sure to select some quality bread. I usually go for an Italian or French freshly baked loaf. 

You can always used older bread too, just make sure to soak the slices for longer in the egg/milk mixture, until they absorb the liquid all the way through.

When using fresh bread you only need to dip the bread for a few seconds on each side. If you leave it in there too long it might fall apart (depending on the bread you use!). 

Use a non-stick pan, so flipping the bread will be super easy. My pan is so good that I could also skip on the butter and not grease the pan at all. But, I do like a bit of butter for the taste and golden color it gives the bread.

For the topping, I went caprese-style, with avocado/tomato/burrata/pesto. But you are welcome to experiment and try with any of your favorite toppings! 

Ready to try this now??! Buon appetito!

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PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Savory Caprese French Toasts.

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