Friday, June 10, 2022

How to Make Crema Pasticciera (Italian Custard Cream) - All you need to know!

 Here is the classic recipe for this luscious and thick,  rich and velvety Italian Crema Pasticcera

Crema Pasticcera (or pasticciera), Italian custard cream,  is a dense and velvety, rich and delicate custard cream that is quite simple to make. 

This crema pasticcera is a must-know recipe that comes together in only a few minutes and will make amazing desserts.

I use this recipe over and over. And over again.

Crema pasticcera is the perfect filling for my cannoncini alla crema, bomboloni (Italian donuts), berry pastries, torta nua, brioche rolls with cream, strawberry and cream bars... and a lot more! 

 It's the main filling of the most famous and authentic Italian Torta della Nonna (custard filled pie). 

And it's simply perfect all by itself. Chill, pour in a glass with some fresh berries (or other seasonal fruit), and a touch of whipped cream if you feel in the mood. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

You can adjust this recipe based on how much custard cream, you can cut in half, or double it up. It's quite simple. 

In this recipe I use both all-purpose flour AND corn starch. I think it gives the right amount of dense and lightness. But you can substitute the two and only use flour or only use corn starch.

I've tired all of the combinations and this cream turns out delicious no matter what. 

The same is true for the lemon peel and the vanilla extract. You can use both or just one of the two. Based on your taste and where you will use the cream.

Also, you can use vanilla beans (in place of extract) and you're in for a real treat!

Things to remember when making this recipe: 

Warm the milk until hot, before adding to the other ingredients.

Keep on whisking once you bring the cream to a boil. Don't stop! The cream will quickly start to dense up as soon as it start to simmer. Whisk and cook for a couple of minutes until you reach the desired thickness.

Pour the crema pasticcera in a bowl and immediately cover with plastic wrap, right on top of the cream. The plastic should touch the surface of the cream so there's no thicker custard "skin" forming when cooling. 

Let it cool down and refrigerate. Once you're ready to use, you will want to whisk again to make it creamy once more. 

Here is the recipe for you!

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