Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Easy, Moist and Buttery Banana Nut Muffins Recipe

Quick and easy, soft and buttery banana muffins, loaded with chopped walnuts and flavored with a touch of cinnamon 
Fantastic way to use up ripe spotty bananas

Here is another recipe you can make when you have some leftover spotty brown bananas that no one wants to eat. 

These muffins are just as soft and moist, delicious and flavorful as my  chocolate-walnuts banana bread (which many of you tried already and loved it!!). 

They taste just as good but are more convenient and portable. 

AND (major added bonus!) are a quite a bit faster to bake

These muffins only take about  20 minutes in the oven compared to close to an hour for a loaf to fully bake. 

Which means that you can be eating one of these deliciously soft banana nut muffins in less than 30 minutes. From start to finish! It's for a sure a big time saver.

Just like with the banana bread recipe, all you need for this recipe are: a few ripe banana, some basic ingredients, ONE bowl, a hand mixer (or just a whisk ), and a muffin pan with liners. Quick and easy! Especially the clean up. 

You can buy the muffin liners or make your own, like I showed you in this tutorial: How to Make Your Own Tulip-Shaped Muffin Liners

With only one or two baking sheets you can line 12 muffins. So it's a big money saver!

 These banana muffins are great plain, but even more delicious with the added crunch and flavor of chopped walnuts (or pecans if you prefer!). And if you are feeling like chocolate, add some chocolate chips too and make them extra yummy!

In this recipe, I use one cup of chopped walnuts for the 12 muffins. You can easily substitute half a cup of nuts with chocolate chips. Make sure to add some nuts and chocolate chip on top of the muffins before baking!

For this recipe I'm using three large bananas (usually just three are enough) for extra flavor and extra moisture.

 Make sure to use extra ripe bananas, which are sweeter and deeper in flavor. 

If your banana are not ripe enough, place them in a brown bag for a day, and they will be ready! 

Also, ripe bananas are easier to mash!

How to mash the bananas:

You can mash them using a fork, a potato ricer or simply, like you can see in my video below, with the hand mixer. 

Cut the banana in large chunks and place in the large bowl. Turn the mixer to low speed and your banana will be mashed in less than a minute. Note, you don't need to perfectly mesh them in a puree. Little piece of banana are just fine and add extra moisture to the bread at the end.

How to keep these muffins super moist:

To make these banana muffins so moist, I used melted butter and a bit of milk (you can substitute with yogurt too), and lots of mashed bananas which do a great job in keeping these muffins super soft. 

And as always, make sure to not over mix the batter after adding the flour to the wet ingredients. AND don't over bake. Moist is the key!

Ready to try this recipe too?!?

VIDEO RECIPE: Banana Nut Muffins

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