Thursday, September 22, 2022

Gnocchi à la Parisienne (Parisian Gnocchi) with Pine Nuts & Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Pillowy soft, extra buttery and cheesy gnocchi  à la Parisienne 
Served with golden pine nuts and sage brown butter sauce. 
A must-try light and delicious gnocchi recipe!

This recipe is written in collaboration with Taste Europe, Butter of France. All opinions are mine alone. 

Here is a NEW gnocchi recipe for you to try!
These deliciously soft and mouthwatering gnocchi are not your traditional Italian potato gnocchi ... nor ricotta, or pumpkin, or semolina.
These gnocchi are a French inspired version made with pâte à choux, which is the same (or similar) savory dough that it's used to make eclairs: a simple mixture that starts with melted butter, hot water/milk, plus flour and then eggs.
For these gnocchi à la Parisienne, I flavored  the dough with a combination of Gruyere and Parmesan cheese and a touch of nutmeg. 

Once the choux dough is ready, the gnocchi are piped into simmering hot water, cooked for a few minutes and drained. 
You could also simply use two spoons to add little spoonfuls of dough to the simmering hot water. The piping bag method is quite efficient though, it makes the job a lot faster and mess free (mostly!). 

To pipe the gnocchi, you will need to work in  batches. Pipe some gnocchi, let the gnocchi float and cook for one to two minutes, and remove from the water with a slotted spoon. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with paper towel to remove the extra water. 
Pipe the remaining dough into the water and repeat the steps. 

At this point, you can pan fry your Parisian gnocchi in brown butter, or as per French tradition, bake with more freshly grated cheese and more butter till golden and crispy on top. 
To make my gnocchi  à la Parisienne special, I melted some brown butter with pine nuts and sage.
I baked mine in cute single-serve baking dishes, but you can use one big baking pan. Make a layer of gnocchi with brown butter/sage/pine nuts and more cheese. Repeat the layers twice, so the gnocchi are nicely mixed with the pine nuts, the butter and the cheese. 
Once you bake the gnocchi for 15 minutes or so, you end up with bubbly-hot cheesy and buttery gnocchi, golden and crispy on top and soft on the inside. 

The secret ingredient to make these cheesy and buttery gnocchi not just good, but simply exceptional is the use of high quality, European butter. So for this recipe I’m using the best butter of all - French butter.
This deeper-yellow butter tastes better and it’s better for you: 100% natural, high-quality, richer (with a minimum of 82% butter fat) and with a higher melting point.
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PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Gnocchi a la Parisienne with Pine Nuts, Sage and Brown Butter Sauce

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