Thursday, November 10, 2022

Single-Serve Eggless Tiramisu' Affogato

For all the espresso-lovers out there, here is the perfect, easy and quick, single serve, eggless tiramisu affogato - drawn in steamy-hot espresso right before serving
Mouthwatering for sure!

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For all the coffee lovers out there - this Italian espresso-drawn dessert is for you!

This single-serve, eggless, easy to make tiramisu' has it all!

 It's creamy and foamy. It's hot and cold. It's  strong & sweet. All in the same drool-worthy spoonful.

Just a warning...  once you taste it there's no going back. And you will want to make and eat this again and again and again!

 All you need to make this singe-serve tiramisu is  one bowl and  one whisk, and a handful of simple ingredients. 

It's single serve, so you don't have to share ...  or you can double up the recipe and make more than one cup.

This recipe is eggless, so there won't be any fussing about raw eggs or  pasteurizing and possibly scrambling them.

It's ready in no more then 15 from start to finish, and the best part: no waiting at the end. Whip up and enjoy as soon as it's ready!

And right before serving, it’s drowned (affogato!) in freshly brew espresso for a dangerously luscious double-coffee final touch. A-must try, I’m telling you.

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Start by brewing a cup of espresso (two shots), and let it cool
In a small bowl, add mascarpone, whipping cream, vanilla extract and powdered sugar. Whisk until smooth and soft peaks form. Do not over-mix or the cream might start to curdle.
Break the savoiardi in half and dip one at a time into the espresso for a few seconds. Place two halves at the bottom of your serving cup. Top with half the cream, and repeat with two more lady fingers halves soaked in espresso and the rest of the cream.
Sprinkle with cocoa powder if you like.
You can eat right now, or top with half a lady finger, place under the espresso machine and brew one or two shots of espresso ... And watch the magic happens. Look at the foam forming on top. it's a magical hot and cold combination that will have you drooling for more!

Watch the video recipe here:

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PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Singe-Serve Eggless Tiramisu Affogato

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