Monday, December 12, 2022

Italian Gluten-Free Almond-Orange Cake

Soft, rich, and flavorful, Italian almond and orange cake. 

Quick, easy to make and gluten-free!

Here is another bright, rich, moist and gluten-free Italian cake made with almond flour and exploding with orange flavor.

After I posted my torta caprese bianca recipe a couple of months ago, a lot of you asked me for a gluten-free recipe that didn't have chocolate in it. 
So here is another classic Italian recipe for an almond cake (with no chocolate, or butter) that I'm sure you will want to try too. 
...Just look at the crumb!

For this recipe, I just use almond flour and no regular flour.  You can also substitute for hazelnut flour if you prefer. Just as good! 

Any finely ground almond flour works, or almond meal. I buy mine at trader's Joe or Whole Foods, but you can find it in most grocery stores. 

If you can't find almond flour, you can make it yourself: buy whole, blenched almonds and blend/blitz until you get fine, powdery flour. Do not over-blend or you will end up with almond butter instead.

This delicious almond cake is flavored with orange zest and juice, but you're welcome to substitute it with lemon or limoncello like in my torta caprese. 

You can flavor the cake batter with almond extract or orange extract. Or if you rather keep it simple, you don't need to add either.

You can use extra virgin olive oil (this is the one I LOVE), or if it's too flavorful for your taste, you can use vegetable oil. Or melted butter if you prefer, in the same amount.

In this recipe I use 4 large eggs

You will need to divide the egg yolks and the whites. Use the yolks right away and mix well with the sugar. I use a hand mixer for this step, but you can whisk by hand or use a stand mixer too.  

The egg whites are beaten until firm and folded into the cake batter at the end. Add a small portion of the egg whites to start, maybe a fourth or so. Using a spoon or spatula, move around the edges of the bowl, under the batter, and fold it to the middle of the bowl. Continue rotating the bowl. 

Add more of the egg whites and continue folding until incorporated in the batter. This motion will make sure the egg white will not deflate and the batter is airy and soft. 

Pour into an 8 or 9-inch springform pan, top with almond slices, and bake until golden on top and set in the middle. 

Sprinkle with powdered sugar when cool and right before serving. And enjoy!


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PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Italian Gluten-Free Almond-Orange Cake


  1. This looks delish! Will make it soon❤️🎹🎵🎼

  2. It was delish! My springform was a bit larger so it came out thinner, but no less delicious. The only change was adding a tablespoon of local honey. I am sharing this recipe with family and friends and will keep this as a favorite go-to.

  3. Making this now, looks delicious.

  4. Made this ! Love it. Had to add 5 minutes baking time. With a cover. Perfect

  5. Can the regular sugar be substituted with maple syrup?

  6. I tried this recipe today and loved it. So moist and delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  7. About to make this delicious cake for the second time in a week! This is by far the yummiest GF orange and almond cake I’ve tasted and very easy to make. Thank you.

  8. As soon as I saw this, I swore this would be the first dessert I made in 2023. ✅ Made it this week and all of us loved it - served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some berries.

  9. I loved this so much! Made for my moms birthday (used the olive oil) and it was so delish!

  10. for some reason the printable recipe card is not showing up for me. Any advise?

  11. This is by far the best gluten free orange cake I’ve ever made!!! It’s extremely moist and not super sweet - perfect with a cup of tea! My oven might warm up too fast, it was ready after 35 min. Perfect perfect, it’s now a family favorite!

  12. I made this today and it looks fab. Have wrapped it in foil and will wait a couple of days for the cake to soften up and become more moist, then I’ll freeze it to eat in 2 weeks when I have friends over.

  13. Manuela you have the best recipes..
    your recipes never fail me, everyone, just loves all the cakes I make that you kindly share the recipe.. You are my go to whenever I want to make a special cake .. THANKYOU 🙏💞👏