Monday, June 26, 2023

Berry Custard Tartlets

    Let's celebrate this Fourth of July with these red, white, and blue mini tartlets topped with fresh berries, on top of a buttery pastry cookie shell filled with rich and velvety crema pasticciera (Italian custard cream) 

    What's better than celebrating this upcoming holiday with these amazing berry cream tartlets?!? 
    Handcrafted, perfectly crumbly tartlets filled with velvety Italian pastry cream, topped with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. On top of a buttery and crumbly cookie shell.

    Made from scratch, fresh, and beautifully delicious dessert perfect to celebrate this Fourth of July ❤️🤍💙 

    For these cream tartlets you can really use any fresh fruit on top.
    But I love the red and blue berries making this little tart the perfect patriotic dessert for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.
    To add a little extra, I cut some of the strawberries in half and used a star-shaped cookie to make little red stars. Totally optional, but really cute!
    The best part about these tartlets is their smaller than usual size. 
    Cute little, guilt-free, two-bite size... Or maybe three bites if you are like me and want to savor every single layer this dessert has to offer.

    These mini tarts are easy to carry to a party or gathering, and they are super easy to serve. 

    With this recipe you can make 12 to 16 mini tart: 
    12 if you roll the dough once and cut into circle. 
    16 if you re-roll the cutouts and make some more. Alternately you can use the cutout and bake a few cookies. 

    Here is the full recipe for you:

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