Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Italian Sfogliatine with Ricotta - Ricotta Puffed Pastries

Looking for a delicious, pretty, and super-easy dessert or breakfast filled with lemon-flavored sweet ricotta in a crispy puffed pastry - which is ready in no time?! 

Look no further! These Italian ricotta sfogliatine are exactly what you're looking for!

I know how much you LOVE easy,  quick and delicious desserts simply made with puff pastries! 

So here is my NEWEST puff pastry recipe for you. 

Say hello to my Italian sfogliatine with lemon-flavored ricotta cheese: golden AND puffed AND sugary puff pastry, around a zesty, sweet, and creamy ricotta filling. 

Mouthwatering, I'm telling you!

These puffy and crispy sfogliatine are NOT to be confused with the most famous Italian sfogliatelle. 

Sfogliatelle are a classic Italian pastry, made from scratch with an extra crispy, thousand layers pastry that takes lots of time and love to handcraft. 

Today puff pastries have a similar shell shape as sfogliatelle, but are made with store-bought puff pastry, and simply folded in this fun and delicious shape. 

They are simply filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, flavored with a bit of lemon zest and vanilla. 

What I love the most about these pastries is that they require very few ingredients and very little time and effort. 

Still, you end up with a delicious and pretty pastry that is perfect for breakfast or a mid-morning snack!

Ready to try it too?!?

Make sure to check out my video to see how to cut and fold the pastries to get this cute shape!

Happy Baking!

VIDEO RECIPE: Italian sfogliatine with ricotta

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