Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Crispy Feta & Fried Egg on Tortilla

Let's take brunch to the next level with this crispy golden feta and fried egg, over smashed avocado tortilla

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Say hello to my latest obsession and (I bet!) your NEW brunch BFF ❤️🤤 ðŸ™ŒðŸ» 

I don’t normally go for popular recipes, but this one is a must-try: golden feta cheesy crust and an ooey-gooey perfectly cooked egg, over smashed avocado and warm tortilla… I bet it will be your new obsession too ðŸ˜ðŸ¤£

Just take a look!

These Crispy Feta Fried Eggs are not your typical breakfast fare. While you might have enjoyed eggs with feta in various forms like scrambles, omelets, or frittatas, this recipe takes things to a whole new level. 

By simply crumbling feta cheese straight onto a hot pan, it transforms into a beautiful, crispy, golden crust that's an absolute delight for your taste buds. Just add a tasty, soft egg in the middle over a warm tortilla to finish it up.

The result? A mouthwatering breakfast that's as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious!

Now, you might be wondering, why are these Crispy Feta Fried Eggs so popular. Trust me; I was just as curious when I first saw these videos flooding my SM feeds. 

Even if you're not a die-hard egg enthusiast, this dish has the power to change your mind. In fact, I've been so hooked that we've enjoyed it three times in the last week. 

Ingredients to Make Crispy Feta Fried Eggs:

  1. Large Eggs: For this recipe, I’m using my favorite Eggland's Best Eggs, which stay fresh for longer and have 6x more vitamin D, over double the vitamin B12, and 25% less saturated fat compared to ordinary eggs.

     Make sure to check out Eggland's Best for more information. 

    Opt for organic, free-range eggs for the best taste.

    1. Feta Cheese: You'll need a block of feta cheese or crumbled feta. Just make sure to use good-quality feta cheese for an even more delicious result. You can experiment with different types of cheese. Absolutely! Goat cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, or Pecorino can all give you that crust without the same creaminess as feta.

  2. Red Pepper Flakes: Add a touch of spice if you like, but this is entirely optional.

    Dried Oregano: This herb pairs wonderfully with feta cheese, but you can also experiment with parsley, basil, or dill.

  3. Tortilla: A small tortilla (or toasted bread if you prefer!) serves as the base for your Crispy Feta Fried Eggs. You can even enjoy them on their own.

  4. Avocado: Smash some avocado over the tortilla and squeeze a bit of lemon or lime juice for that perfect acidity to complement the salty eggs and feta. Feel free to add other veggies like baby spinach, mushrooms, or tomatoes as well.

  5. Things to keep in mind:

  • Non-Stick Pan: Ensure you're using a non-stick pan, as the feta cheese can stick to stainless steel.

  • Moderate Heat: Sauté the feta cheese over medium heat, keeping a close eye on it to prevent burning.

  • Quick Removal: As soon as your feta eggs are cooked, remove them from the pan to maintain that delightful crispiness as they cool.

  • Lid Option: If you prefer your eggs cooked to a medium or hard texture, you can cover the pan with a lid.

So, are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will redefine your breakfast game? 

Let's dive into the step-by-step guide to making these Crispy Feta Fried Eggs, and get ready to savor a breakfast sensation like never before!

Here is the full recipe!

If you haven’t tried it yet, here is your chance ðŸ™ŒðŸ»ðŸ˜˜ 

PRINTABLE RECIPE: Crispy Feta and Fried Egg on Tortilla

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