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Italian Bruschetta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Bring a taste of summer to your table with these Italian-inspired bruschetts, featuring roasted cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese, arugula, and a touch of homemade pesto. 
This is a must-try recipe!

Here is one of my favorite lunch ideas: fresh and flavorful, crunchy and juicy all in the same scrumptious bite, exploding with Mediterranean flavors Each bite is a delightful combination of crunchy and juicy, bursting with Mediterranean flavors.

As you may know, bruschetta is a deliciously world-renowned Italian open sandwich made with a thick slice of grilled bread, traditionally topped with simple fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil.

Like any sandwich, bruschetta is a blank canvas for your culinary imagination. Start with the basic recipe and add your favorite fresh ingredients.

For today's recipe, I'm adding homemade pesto sauce, fresh arugula, and creamy burrata cheese. Instead of fresh tomatoes, I've chosen roasted cherry tomatoes for extra flavor. Use a great crusty bread loaf, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, like French, Italian, or Pugliese bread, preferably hand-cut into thick slices.

The secret to making the best bruschetta lies in the quality of the ingredients: a nice crusty loaf of Italian or French bread, ripe and flavorful tomatoes, Italian burrata, homemade pesto, and the best extra virgin olive oil!

Here's another secret: I like to cut the bread into extra thick slices so that when you grill it, the bread will be golden and crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside. Slicing the bread too thin results in fully crunchy toast, which is not ideal for bruschetta.

Once grilled, brush the bread with a garlic clove if you'd like. This technique imparts enough garlicky and spicy flavor to the bread without overpowering the taste of the creamy cheese and tomato mixture.

Buon appetito!

PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: How to Make Italian Bruschetta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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