Thursday, October 13, 2016

Screaming Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Deliciously spooky, wide-marshmallowy-eyed 
SCREAMING pretzels covered in chocolate

Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Your kids are going to love this Halloween treat. And so will you, when you see how fun and laughably easy it is to prepare. So easy that your kids will want to make it all by themselves.
This recipe has it all. The tempting melted chocolate. The crunchy salted pretzels. The soft and chewy marshmallow and chocolate eyes. 
There are only four ingredients (or technically three, given that two are chocolate) combined together to make these delicious fear-stricken faces that will leave you weak in the knees :)

Can you feel the stares too?!?  When making these pretzels, I had the impression someone was following my every single move in the kitchen. I honestly liked the attention - all eyes on ME!
For this recipe, you could use store-bought googly eyes. But those are not as cheap as making your own, and definitely not as cute.
Homemade eyes are really fun. Each is different from the next, giving character to these little chocolate guys.
Look at them! Eyes popping out in horror and fear radiating out of every single chocolate-filled pore. 

Frightened out of their mind, they seem to be crying out loud : "Ahhh, she's gonna eat me next!!!" And YES. You bet I did.

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These pretzels will have everyone screaming for more. So make sure to prepare enough!
Ingredients: to make around 30 pretzels

  • 6 oz (180 gr) of milk chocolate chips (or semi-sweet)
  • 30 salted small twist pretzels
  • 60 mini marshmallows
  • 60 mini chocolate morsels

Preparation time: 30 minutes

1. Place the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 60 seconds on high. Stir the chocolate quickly until smooth. If you need, microwave for an additional 15 seconds, until all melted.
2. Dip the pretzel in the melted chocolate, holding it with a stick or a small fork. Coat evenly with chocolate.
Let the excess chocolate drip down, back in the bowl.
Lay the pretzels down on a microwave-safe plate lined with parchment or wax paper.
Suggestion: work in batches - just dip about 10 pretzels at one time (not all at once) and add the eyes before you do the rest of the pretzels. If you need to warm up the chocolate later, you can microwave it for 15 more seconds.

3. Add two mini marshmallows for the eyes. Microwave for about 10 (no more than 15) seconds. The marshmallows should inflate slightly.
4. Quickly place one mini chocolate morsel in the middle of each marshmallow ... or on the side, for a googly look.
Push the morsels down with the tip of your finger or the tip of a stick. You should work quickly while the marshmallows are still soft.
Repeat these steps for the rest of the pretzels, until you finish up all the melted chocolate.
Let the chocolate set before removing from the wax paper. The quickest way is to freeze for ten minutes, or refrigerate for at about 20 minutes.
Once hardened, you can remove the pretzel from the paper, and store in an air-tight container.

Because of warm temperature here I store mine in the refrigerator. You can also leave at room temperature, if not too warm.
Enjoy :)


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  2. YUUUUUUM! My mom's boss used to make these for us every Christmas and they are still my favorite Christmas treat to date. The make such a stunning gift and they taste great. Can't wait to give them a try.

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