Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

This Halloween let's get creative with these fun and spooky
 white chocolate rice krispies mummies and skeletons
So easy and super cute!

Halloween Rice Krispies Treats
Halloween is just in a few days. Are you ready to celebrate?!?
I always get as excited as my kids about this fun holiday. 
Maybe because of the spooky decorations all around the neighborhood, the carved out pumpkins, the crazy costumes and the abundance of candies... Yeah, it's probably the chocolate bars that do it for me :)
Chocolate candies AND the fact that I can create (and EAT!) fun and indulgent sugary treats and not feel guilty about it! 

Here is my recipe for this year: Gooey and crispy rice krispies packed in individual round sizes, dipped in melted white chocolate, and decorated with black piping gel ... and MORE chocolate of course!
For the decoration I can't quite decide which of these I like best.
The cute little mummy is probably the easiest to do. 
Dip the rice krispies in melted white chocolate. 
Let the chocolate set by refrigerating for about 5 minutes. 
Draw the eyes, and drizzle with more melted chocolate (I use a ziploc bag, with a tiny corner cut out). Easy! I'm sure your kids can do these too. 

The skeleton (or Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas to be precise) requires a little more drawing abilities. But as you can see, even thou I'm not really great at it, and these aren't perfect, they are good enough! 

Here are a few words of advise: use an extra large bowl when microwaving the marshmallows to avoid cleaning up gooey and sticky stuff off the bottom of your oven. If you have never seen what happens to marshmallows in the microwave ... they grow and grow, just for a few seconds. 

But that's enough to mess up your oven.

Also, measure and prepare all the ingredients before you start with the recipe. You need to quickly mix all and shape the mixture into the muffin tins, when the marshmallow mixture is still warm. Once it cools off, it will harden and turn into an unmanageable large sweet lump :)

Make sure to check out my video recipe too!


YIELD: 12 servings
    • 5 oz (140 gr) of mini marshmallows (half bag)
    • 1 oz (25 gr) of unsalted butter (1/4 stick)
    • 3 cups (about 100 gr) of rice krispies cereals
    • about 10 oz (285 gr) of white melting wafers (or white chocolate)
    • black piping gel (I used sparkle black)


TIME: about 30 minutes
    In a microwave safe large bowl, place the marshmallows and butter (cut in pieces). The bowl needs to be large, because the marshmallows will inflate in the microwave, and you don't want them to spill all over.
    Microwave for 60 seconds. Mix. Add another 20 seconds if the butter is not fully melted.
    Add the rice krispies cereal.

    And mix quickly, until well coated.

    Spoon the mixture evenly into about 12 round muffin cups (I used silicone cups to make it easier to remove and don't need to grease). Press down with the back of a spoon to pack the treats into shape.
    Flip the rice krispies. The bottom that looks better than the top will be the part you want to decorate.
    Microwave the white chocolate for 90 seconds at half power. Stir and return to microwave for 10 seconds if needed until completely melted and smooth.

    Dip the rice krispies treats in the chocolate making sure to coat front (bottom of the muffin) and sides.

    Place the treats with uncovered side down on parchment paper and refrigerate until the chocolate is set, about five minutes in the refrigerator.

    Now you can do an easy decoration
    For the easier mummies: Pipe two dots of black gel for the eyes.

    Use remaining melted chocolate and place in a small plastic bag (or piping bag if you have it)
    drizzle the chocolate over the mummies. Let the chocolate cool down and harden.

    Or use the black piping gel to decorate with your favorite design.
    Store in an air tight container. And enjoy!


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