Thursday, October 27, 2022

Halloween Double Chocolate Spider Web Cookies

Double-chocolate soft and pillowy cookies, topped with a gooey marshmallow web 
A quick, delicious and easy to decorate Halloween treat

Halloween is just in a few days. Are you ready to celebrate?!?
I always get as excited as my kids about this fun holiday. 

To celebrate this year I baked these intensely chocolatey cookies with an easy gooey marshmallow spiderweb  decoration on top. 
... Plus googly eyes, cause everything is more fun with googly eyes!

I'm sure your kids are going to love these double-chocolate Halloween spider cookies.
And so will you, when you see how fun and laughably easy these spider cookies are to make. 
So easy that your kids will surely want to help, especially with the marshmallow spider web!

This recipe is  quick and delicious. It makes about 18 cookies, but you can easily double up the recipe for more!

Here are a few words of advise when making this recipe.

Cookie dough:

 I used a basic chocolate cookie dough recipe, with both chocolate chips (melted with butter) and unsweetened cocoa powder. 

You can also bake your favorite cookie recipe and decorate like I did.

Please note, the dough does need a bit of refrigeration before baking, to make sure the cookies keep their dome shape when in the oven.

I only had the cookie dough in the fridge for about 20 minutes, which was about the time for my oven to preheat. 

If you bake in more than one batch, remember to keep any unbaked dough in the fridge. 

Marshmallow spider web:

I use large marshmallows, but you can easily substitute with small ones. 

I recommend to microwave just two or three (large) marshmallows at a time. You need the marshmallow to be hot (or as warm as you can handle it), to be able to stretch it out over the cookies. Once it cools down it will harden. You can try and microwave once more, and stretch it. 

Remember to use an extra large bowl when microwaving the marshmallows to avoid cleaning up gooey and sticky stuff off the bottom of your oven.

 If you have never seen what happens to marshmallows in the microwave ... they grow and grow, just for a few seconds. 

I recommend microwaving only two or three marshmallows at a time, about 45 seconds. Let the marshmallow cool for a few seconds,  so you won't burn your fingers. 

Pinch a small amount of marshmallow between the thumb and index fingers of both hands, squeeze  and pull out to stretch and place over one cookie. 

Touch the edges of the cookies with your fingers so the marshmallow webs stick to the cookie and off your fingers. Repeat with all cookies.  

Decorate with googly eyes if you wish. 

Ready to try it too?

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PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Halloween Double Chocolate Spiderweb Cookies

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