Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Italian Antipasto on a Skewer and Santa Cristina Rose'

Relaxing al fresco while enjoying a fun antipasto next to an inviting glass of Italian rose' 
Easy and fresh - what summer should be all about
This post is sponsored by Santa Cristina, in collaboration with Honest Cooking Magazine. All opinions are mine. 
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Ready to dive into the heart of summer entertaining with these scrumptious Italian antipasti next to an easy-to-enjoy glass of rose' wine?!?
I am so ready!
Maybe it's just my love of summer and constant craving for vacation but rose' wine makes me dream of breezy summer nights and al fresco dining. It screams of spectacular pink sunsets, and exotic food savored while sitting on an Italian terrazza overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Ahhh... sounds amazing, right?!
Today I'll show you how you can recreate a plateful of mouthwatering Italian appetizers that perfectly pairs with this fruity and fresh glass of rose' wine, to enjoy anywhere you happen to be.
All you'll have to do next is pop open a bottle of rose', pick up a skewer, close your eyes, let your taste buds go wild while savoring the flavors... and start daydreaming :) 

These irresistible appetizers will make everyone at the table happy and satisfied. It's hard to go wrong with such an amazing variation of Italian goodness. From traditional caprese bites, to refreshing prosciutto e melone on a stick and to a wide selection of Italian cut meats and cheeses, wrapped in your favorite choice of Italian bread. The options are countless.  Just unleash your creativity, cut it all in a finger-food size, and serve on a skewer for a fun and beautiful party plate. 
Easy to prepare, even easier to devour. 

Now let's talk about the wine (Italian, of course!) without which no summer party can be complete. I'm serving my antipasto with a refreshing and delightful bottle of Santa Cristina Rosato Toscana IGT 2017 
You can stay assured, no one will turn down a fragrant glass of this elegant and fruity wine. Rose' has the body of a red wine, but it's best served chilled for the perfect summer drink.

Santa Cristina is a highly acclaimed Italian winery situated in the very heart of the Tuscany region, well known for its exceptional quality and value. 
The fresh and fruity aromas of this wine, with a hint of strawberry, cherry and pear aftertaste, makes this wine a great match for my antipasto.
Because of its good body and structure you can easily combine this wine with a wide variety of food. From salmon, shrimp and crab meat to heavier dishes like steak and lamb. It pairs beautifully with salads, pasta dishes, hard and mature cheeses. And any of these appetizers of course ... Always a winner!
So, when you gear up for your next summer party don't forget to pick up a few bottles of Santa Cristina. The perfect addition to your table!
Thank you, Santa Cristina for the amazing wines.

Mini sandwich skewers:

    • bread slices (I used bread for tramezzini - but not easy to find in the USA)
    • Italian cut meat (speck, prosciutto, capocollo, ...)
    • semi-soft cheese (fontina, montasio, scamorza, ...)
    • lettuce
    • green olives
  1. Remove the crust from the bread. Add a few leaves of lettuce, top with a slice of meat, a thick slice of cheese, followed by more meat, and more lettuce. Top with another slice of bread. With a sharp knife cut the sandwich in squares. 
  2. On the skewer, add an olive, followed by one small sandwich, one more olive and another sandwich. You can also have just one sandwich per skewer if you prefer.


    • ripe cantaloupe 
    • Italian prosciutto (di Parma or San Daniele)
  1. Cut the cantaloupe in slices and then cubes (you can use a square cookie cutter if you wish to make perfect shapes). Wrap a slice of prosciutto around two cubes of cantaloupe, and secure with a skewer. 

Caprese skewers:

    • Fresh mozzarella (bocconcini, small or cut in cubes)
    • cherry tomatoes (small)
    • fresh Italian basil
    • olive oil, salt and pepper
  1. On the skewer, start with one large basil leaf, one little tomato, and a cube of mozzarella. 
  2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil.
  3. Suggestion: let the water from the mozzarella drain as much as you can. And make sure your tomatoes are sweet and flavorful.

focaccia and salame skewers

    • olives 
    • Italian focaccia bread
    • thick slice of  salame (I used salame di felino) 
    • thick slice of cheese (I used Montasio)
  1. Slice the salami and cheese in thick slices. Cut the focaccia in small squares. Cut the salame and cheese the same size. Use a skewer to secure.

  2. Buon Appetito!


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