Wednesday, February 9, 2022

How to Fold Paper Napkins in a Pretty Rose

Elegant, cute and so easy way to decorate your table for a party with paper napkins folded in a rose shape of a rose

Did you know it was this easy to add a wow effect to the table using simple paper napkins?

Here is how you can fold square paper napkins in an elegant and easy, inexpensive and convenient way. Perfect for a party or any dinner... or Valentine's Day! It's right around the corner.

Here is what you need:

To make these flowers I used SQUARE paper napkins. If possible use good quality, 2 ply napkins which will keep the shape (and folding) better than lower quality.

I used a classic red color napkins, but you can use the color(s) that better matches your table decoration. You can make flowers in different colors, and also use more than one color for the same flower (think pink and white, orange and red ....) You can also combine designs and solid colors. The secret... Be creative and have fun!

For your reference:

The napkins I used: classic red, 2 ply, 9 7/8 in (25cm) square. Make sure they are SQUARE! 

My glass is 4 1/2 inch tall, and 2 3/4 diameter on the rim.

Please note, most size glass and napkins work as well. 

Steps to fold paper napkins into a rose:

Fold the napkin around the glass. Please note: the center of the folded napkins go inside the glass (open part of the napkin are on the outside)

Press the paper onto the glass and run your finger  around the rim to secure.

Rotate the glass a little (about 45 degrees) and add your second napkin. Rotate in the same direction every time and fold more napkins the same way.

When done press the napkins around the rim of the glass, flip,  press down and gently remove the glass (you might need to hold the bottom of the paper flower when removing).

As simple as that! Ready to try it too? 

Here is my video tutorial: How to fold Paper Napkins into a pretty flower

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