Sunday, February 6, 2022

How to Make a Poundcake with a Chocolate Heart Inside

When you literally put your heart into baking!
Discover a chocolate heart
inside this deliciously perfectly dense vanilla pound cake

Just take a look at this pretty and cupid-inspired dessert.

It looks like the usual, plain vanilla pound cake from the outside. But when you take your knife and cut that first slice ... 

Ta daa! A chocolate heart appears right in the middle of that slice of perfectly dense and moist pound cake.

Just like magic!

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This is such a fun and cute idea to surprise your special someone, your children or friends this Valentine's Day. 

Just think how nice and romantic it would be to wake up to the enticing smell of espresso and freshly baked, vanilla-chocolate cake!

I made this sweet loaf using vanilla Greek yogurt. You are welcome to use any flavor of Greek yogurt you like, to add a little different aroma. 

Or you can drizzle the top of the pound cake with melted chocolate or a splash of whipped cream. 

Or serve next to your favorite jam or fresh fruit. Lots of options!

Now let's see how this flawless looking heart made it inside my cake.

I simply made the poundcake batter, added cocoa powder to some of it (about 1 and half cups of batter),  poured the chocolate batter into a 9 inch round pan and baked.

I only baked it for about 12 minutes, until set enough to cut into shape but still quite soft and not fully baked - or it would turn out too dry at the end!

Let cool for a few minutes and cut as many heart shapes as you can. You will need somewhere between 9 and 12 hearts depending on their thickness. 

Pipe or spoon some of the vanilla batter along the long sides of the pound cake pan. You want to leave space in the middle of the pan for the chocolate hearts. The vanilla sides are needed to hold up the hearts in place. 

Line up the hearts in the  middle of the pan. You should have enough hearts to fill exactly the whole length of the pan.

 Cover the top of the chocolate hearts with the remaining vanilla batter and bake! Don't worry if the sides of the chocolate hearts are not completely covered in vanilla. The sides will fill up when it bakes. 

Now, are you ready to win her heart by showing your sweetheart how much you care, and impress her with your culinary skills?!? You will see from my step-by-step recipe, that you don't need to be an expert baker to pull this off...  You are welcome :)

PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Chocolate Heart Vanilla Pound Cake

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