Friday, February 17, 2023

Easy and Delicious Pasta with Bechamel Sauce, Italian Speck and Walnuts

Scrumptious and easy-to-make pasta with bechamel sauce, Italian speck and walnuts

This post is written in collaboration with Taste Europe, Butter of France. All opinions are mine alone.

Here is a delicious and mouth-watering pasta recipe made using the world-renowned, creamy, and delicate bechamel sauce

This recipe is quick, easy and extremely delicious.  

This scrumptious pasta is a well-balanced and satisfying meal that I'm sure will become one of your favorites too once you try it out. It's made with creamy and cheesy bechamel sauce, served up with speck and walnut pieces. 

As you probably know, bechamel sauce is one of the 5 French Mother Sauces every cook should know.  

It’s simply made with butter, milk and flour, and can be used to make the creamiest lasagna or pasta, by adding a few other ingredients.

The key ingredient to make this the best b├ęchamel sauce is the use of high-quality, premium European butter. So for this recipe, I’m using the best butter of all - French butter!

This deeper-yellow butter tastes better and it’s actually better for you than other butter: it’s 100% natural (filled with vitamin D and Calcium), high-quality, richer (with a minimum of 82% butter fat for full flavor), and has a higher melting point. 

When shopping, look at the packaging for “Product of France”. Make sure to check out their website tasteeurope.comfor a store locator, recipes, tips, and tricks, and to learn more.

If you are not familiar with speck, it is smoked prosciutto, native to Alto Adige, a region of Northern Italy. 

It looks similar to prosciutto, a little darker in color, and with a unique taste and delicate aroma. 

Speck is less common here than in Italy. In the case you cannot find speck, you may substitute it with prosciutto or pancetta. The result will still be as delicious!

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Printable recipe card: Pasta with Bechamel Sauce Speck and Walnuts.

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