Saturday, April 8, 2023

Pretty and Easy-to-Make Flower Thumbprint Lemon Cookies

 Crumbly and buttery lemon cookies with a sweet strawberry thumbprint flower in the middle.
The perfect way to celebrate spring!

When the tree in my backyard is heavy with flavorful and juicy lemons, what's better than using what nature offers and make lemon cookies?!? 
And not just any lemon cookie, but a thick, super pretty and delicious buttery cookie. 
Take a look!

Each one of these thumbprint cookies has a zesty and buttery flavor, with a sweet jam-filled flower in the middle. 
There's nothing easier to make, pretty and delicious. Especially if it comes with a gooey strawberry flower on top.
So pretty, right?!?

And because Easter is in a day, and Mother's Day is in less than a month, let's be creative with our dessert.
These cookies are the perfect edible decoration for your holiday table. And they are a great way to surprise your mom with a bouquet of delicious flowers.

For this recipe, you can really use any thumbprint cookie dough, and make the five prints in the shape of a flower, using your index finger (if small enough) or the round back of a wooden spoon like I did. 

Fill with jam and you end up with these beautiful flower-thumbprint cookies.
Ready to try these too?!?

VIDEO RECIPE: Flower Thumbprint Lemon Cookies

PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Flower Thumbprint Cookies

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