Thursday, April 6, 2023

Soft and Delicate, Easy-to-Make Orange Cake with Orange Glaze

 How about a slice of this soft and delicate orange cake on this sunny spring morning!? 
It's sure to brighten up your day!

Let’s take advantage of the sweet and juiciest oranges that are around right now, and whip up the most amazing orange cake you'll ever taste ... or so, I hope your tastebuds agree once you try to make this recipe too.
 A soft and moist cake with a sweet, slightly tangy, strong orange aroma.  Even more flavorful when drizzled with a delicious and fresh orange glaze.

Do you know how quick and easy is to bake this cake? 
You can whip this up in no more than an hour, and it's as easy as mixing a muffin batter. 
For this recipe you can use navel or cara cara oranges. With their red-pinkish flesh, sweeter and slightly tangier then regular navel,  cara caras are just perfect for this dessert. 
But you can decide which type of orange you like best (or what is available in your area), and make it as sweet or as tangy as you wish.
And if you are thinking what I'm thinking, don't even think about it! Haha! 
For this cake you have to use freshly-squeezed juice and freshly-grated zest. No store-bought juices or extracts. 
Sorry but there is no easy way around it. Grate and squeeze … I will come there and do it myself for you, if that's what it takes J

When you start your day with a big slice of this amazing dessert next to your cappuccino, you know it will be a good day. 
This cake is perfect not just for breakfast or brunch, but also for a wholesome snack and mouthwatering dessert after your meal. 

I'm sure this orange cake will brighten up your day ... no matter what time of the day you decide to indulge in a slice of this goodness.


PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD: Soft and delicate Orange Cake

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