Thursday, February 1, 2024

Easy Soft and Moist Pear and Apple Yogurt Cake

 Soft and moist yogurt cake with apple and pear slices. 
An easy-to-make and delicious breakfast - made with love

As Valentine's Day approaches, the air is filled with the sweet scent of romance, and what better way to start the day than with a delightful homemade treat to accompany a steamy-hot cup of espresso?

This Valentine's Day, show your special someone how much you care with a delicious homemade cinnamon-kissed, rich, and moist yogurt cake that's as heartwarming as delicious. 

Infused with the goodness of apples and pears, and adorned with a touch of cinnamon, this breakfast delight is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a testament to the love and care poured into its creation.

This buttery and perfectly dense cake, with a moist crumb from the juicy apple and pears, is fantastic on its own,  next to your cup of tea or coffee, but even better dressed up with berries, ice cream, or whipped cream. 

This yogurt cake is simply made using one bowl and a whisk (or mixer), a few easily available ingredients, and Greek yogurt which adds flavor and consistency to the pound cake. If you wish, you can substitute the yogurt with the same amount of sour cream or ricotta cheese. 

For this simple recipe, all you have to do is mix the eggs with the sugar, and add the lemon (if you wish to use it) and vanilla extract for flavor. Add the plain yogurt and melted butter (make sure it's not warm but a room temperature or it might cook the eggs). Mix well. Add the dry ingredients and remember: mix only until combined. Over-mixing at this point will make the cake drier. Fold in the apple slices, top with the pear slices, and bake! As simple as that!

For this recipe, you can use your favorite apples and/or pears. I used two apples in the cake batter and one pear on top. But you can switch and change it up as you wish. 

When it comes to baking, choosing the right apples and pears can make a significant difference in the flavor, texture, and overall success of your baked goods. Each variety offers unique qualities that can enhance your recipes. Here are some of the best apples and pears for baking:

Best apples for baking:

Fuji: Fuji apples are sweet and firm, making them ideal for cakes, muffins, and crisps. They add a natural sweetness to your baked treats.

Granny Smith: known for their tartness and firm texture, Granny Smith apples hold up well in baking. They add a refreshing zing to pies, crisps, and cakes.

Honeycrisp: These apples bring a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Their crisp texture remains intact during baking, making them an excellent choice for apple crisps and cobblers.

Braeburn: These apples offer a sweet and spicy flavor, making them suitable for pies and tarts. They hold their shape well when baked.

Best Pears for Baking:

D'Anjou:  D'Anjou pears are versatile and can be used for various baked treats. They have a smooth texture and sweet taste.

Anjou: Both red and green Anjou pears are suitable for baking. They have a sweet and juicy flavor, making them great for cakes and crisps.

Bosc: Bosc pears are known for their firm and dense texture, making them perfect for baking. They hold their shape well in pies and tarts.

Red Bartlett:  These pears are sweet and slightly tangy, adding vibrant color and flavor to desserts like pies and crumbles.

When selecting apples and pears for baking, consider the texture, sweetness level, and whether they hold their shape during cooking. Experimenting with different varieties can lead to exciting flavor combinations in your favorite baked recipes. Make sure to use ripe pears (but not too ripe! or they will be too mushy).

So, let's embark on a journey into the heart of baking, where flour, sugar, a dollop of love, and a hint of cinnamon come together to create a masterpiece that will make this Valentine's Day morning truly special.


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