Thursday, May 11, 2023

A Collection of the Best Mother's Day Recipes

 Send love to mom this Mother's Day with one of these homemade dessert

Made with Love of course!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the Moms out there. 

May your day be filled with lots of sunshine and sweetness, loads of hugs and kisses.

And why not?!? One of these handcrafted unforgettable desserts.  Made with love! After all - that's the secret ingredient in all my recipes and I'm sure one of these treats will make her feel extra special

Have an amazing weekend!

Apple Roses: My most famous recipe: Rose-shaped dessert made with lots of soft and delicious apple slices, wrapped in sweet and crispy puff pastry

Chocolate Lave Cake: quick and easy recipe to make this lick-your-plate delicious chocolate cake

Crispy and buttery puff pastry cannoncini (horns) filled with velvety and rich custard cream

Let's give a new shape to this classic Italian dessert with beautiful and fun, pink and white, panna cotta cups filled with lots of fresh berries
Fruit Tart with Custard Cream: here is how you can craft this picture-perfect tart with custard cream and fresh berries

Italian Almond-Orange Cake: Soft, rich, and flavorful, Italian almond and orange cake. Quick, easy to make and gluten-free!

Strawberry rose tartlets: made with fresh strawberries on top of a buttery pastry crust filled with rich custard cream

Chocolate Heart Hand Pies: all you love about pie crust and spreadable chocolate bundled up in cute and most dangerous heart-shaped cookies

Edible Fruit BouquetLet's get crafty and create an edible fruit bouquet to decorate your table. Delicious, fresh and so fun to make
Creme Brulee: Impress your special someone with this deliciously sinful crème brûlée. Rich and velvety custard cream, 
topped with a perfectly sweet and crunchy layer of caramelized sugar

Strawberry TartImpress your guests with this picture-perfect, made-from-scratch strawberry rose tart

Churro Popovers

Strawberry and Cream Bars: These lick-your-plate delicious strawberry and cream bars are the perfect summer treat

Cheesecake Hearts: simple yet so delicious heart-shaped cheesecakes

Meringue Cups Drizzled with Hot Chocolate Sauce: super easy, crazy delicious, melt-in-your-mouth goodness

Chocolate Heart Pound Cake: Discover a soft chocolate heart
inside this deliciously buttery and perfectly dense pound cake

I added these and more to my Mother's Day Recipe board on Pinterest. Make sure to check it out here: 

Made with love :)
Have an amazing weekend!  
And always remember, if you make any of my recipes, please share photos of your creations on Instagram. Don't forget to tag me :)

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